Stormy Sevens Tournament

1pm on Sat 17th Sep - At the Thunderdome

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This is roller derby with a twist! Rainy City presents their first ever Roller Derby Sevens tournament at the Thunderdome!

Submit your team of 7 skaters through this application form:


Roller Derby Sevens Explained

A Roller Derby Sevens game consists of one 21 minute period. There will be no half time. All usual WFTDA/MRDA rules about jam and lineup period durations apply. Each game will end when the game clock reaches 00:00.

As usual, if the game clock reaches zero during a live jam, that jam will be allowed to reach its natural conclusion, at which point the game ends. A game may not end in a tied score. If the score is tied at the end of a game an Overtime Jam will be run, following the usual WFTDA/MRDA rules for Overtime Jams.

Skater Level

This tournament is a female only event aimed at advanced level skaters who are members of their league’s A team.


Photos by Shirlaine Forrest

@ the Thunderdome

Our home venue is entirely run and managed by Rainy City Roller Derby and all ticket sales go directly to supporting the league. It’s easy to get to by public transport or car, just next to the Oldham tram stop, or off junction 20 of the M60.