Skater Debut + Mixed Scrimmage at The Thunderdome

3pm - Skater Debut / 5:15pm - Scrimmage on Sat 1st Oct - At the Thunderdome

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Rainy City invites new roller derby skaters to a Skater Debut to show off their new skills, followed by a mixed scrimmage for more experienced skaters.

Skater Debut

Aimed at female skaters who have 0-3 games experience, this Skater Debut will let you practice your skills and strategy in a full game scenario played to the WFTDA ruleset.

Plenty of skaters have made their debut on the purple track at The Thunderdome – why not join them?

The £15 ticket price includes a t-shirt to wear for the game with your name and number printed on the back and sleeves.

Please fill in the Google Form we will send you via email once you have paid for your ticket, so we can get your t-shirt printed and ready for the big day!


Mixed Scrimmage

Following the Skater Debut, we’ll be holding a mixed scrimmage for more experienced female skaters who have 4+ games experience.

This is a chance to take to the track after cheering on your teammates in the Skater Debut! Show the purple track what you’ve got!

Please bring your own scrimmage top with your number on it. We’ll allocate teams closer to the date and send you an email to let you know which colour to bring.

@ the Thunderdome

Our home venue is entirely run and managed by Rainy City Roller Derby and all ticket sales go directly to supporting the league. It’s easy to get to by public transport or car, just next to the Oldham tram stop, or off junction 20 of the M60.