Rainy City All Star Jammer Bootcamp 2018

11am on Sun 16th Sep - At the Thunderdome

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It’s the first jammer bootcamp we’ve run this year, and it would be great to have you along! Coached by 3 of our amazing All Star jammers:
🔥 Tequila Mockingbird
🔥 Lauren Swaffield
🔥 Fairy Quake
🔥 Alex Wilde
A huge range of jammer specific skills designed for all post-mins skaters to get the best out of their body and minds to be the best possible jammer they can be.
Coached by some of the very best jamming talent in the country, we’ll be covering footwork and body positioning, skill techniques and the right kind of mental approach to get static walls moving, to get quick, efficient scoring passes, and to be a constantly surprising, points scoring machine!
Plus at the end you’ll have the opportunity to test everything you’ve learned against an IRL Rainy City All-Stars wall.
Hosted at our home venue The Thunderdome, this bootcamp is available for all post-mins skaters who identify as female or non-binary.

@ the Thunderdome

Our home venue is entirely run and managed by Rainy City Roller Derby and all ticket sales go directly to supporting the league. It’s easy to get to by public transport or car, just next to the Oldham tram stop, or off junction 20 of the M60.