MAXimum Skills Bootcamp

11am - 4pm on Sun 8th May - At the Thunderdome

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Minimum skills are exactly what they claim to be – minimum! There are so many more skills you need to become a better derby player once you’ve passed.

Coached by Rainy City A-team skaters, this bootcamp will break down skills such as juking, jumping, spinning and stopping.

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  • Open to all post-Minimum Skills skaters
  • Please bring layers, snacks and liquid!
  • Spectator Tickets available

Guaranteed you will leave feeling inspired with so many new things to practise!

@ the Thunderdome

Our home venue is entirely run and managed by Rainy City Roller Derby and all ticket sales go directly to supporting the league. It’s easy to get to by public transport or car, just next to the Oldham tram stop, or off junction 20 of the M60.