Treat Your Feet 2 for 1

11am - 3pm on Sun 3rd Mar - At the Thunderdome

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Come along to our very special footwork bootcamp by our All Stars. Get your feet ready for an amazing year of roller derby action! Coaches include Rainy All Stars and England Skaters Fay Roberts and Ruthless Philly, our resident strong-woman trickster pivot Lily Gaskell, the powerhouse Liz Yeatman and Team Spain’s Mattie. This bootcamp is perfect if you want to level-up your skillset and will provide you with lots of tips and treats to work on for the year.

This 4 hour bootcamp will be split into the following sections:

First up- No toe stops, no problem! We’ll go through the basics (and not so basics!) of dead wheel control, breaking down weight distribution and body positioning in every direction to give you the edge 😉 on track. Take them off if you’re feeling brave enough!

We’ll then all turn around and focus on backwards skating. We’ll teach you three ways to cover the track, before bringing them all together into some derby scenarios. If you want to gain more confidence skating backwards and want to know all the tricks to help you become a more versatile skater, then this is for you.

We’ll then snazz it up a little bit more. We’ll break down some spin moves, fancy line work, one-footed transitions and apex jump variations. Perfect for skaters wishing to expand and build on their skillset.

This bootcamp is gender-inclusive, and open for all post mins skaters aged 18 and above and perfect to get you back into the pre-season groove.

@ the Thunderdome

Our home venue is entirely run and managed by Rainy City Roller Derby and all ticket sales go directly to supporting the league. It’s easy to get to by public transport or car, just next to the Oldham tram stop, or off junction 20 of the M60.