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Wed 19th Apr 2017

A Rainy Guide to Manchester

We’re very proud to welcome the world of roller derby to Manchester for the Roller Derby World Summit. For all visitors, we’ve put a little guide together to our amazing city. We hope you have an amazing time!

Fri 3rd Feb 2017

A love letter to myself

“This is a .44 calibre love letter straight from my heart”. Secret shout out to all my fellow emo roller derby players. If you know, then you know!

Thu 22nd Dec 2016

The only WFTDA rankings planner you’ll ever need

WFTDA rankings can be a complex beast to get your head around, and it can be difficult to organise your season and know that the games you’re playing give you the best chance to rise up the ranks and meet your season goals. So we’ve made a little program to solve your woes. Say goodbye to all your dirty spreadsheets and notepaper scribbles and say hello to Derby on Toast.

Mon 11th Jul 2016

How I Became a Roller Derby Fan

Phil Booth has been a Rainy City fan for many years. Here he talks about what drew him to roller derby and what it’s been like supporting Rainy City over the past few years.

Mon 20th Jun 2016

Going it alone: How to lease and run your own dedicated roller derby venue

For many leagues, owning their own venue is the dream. Former skater Cleo Fracture explains how Rainy City made that dream a reality with The Thunderdome.

Wed 4th May 2016

What I’ve learned as a roller derby official

Hi! My name’s Katzilla and I’ve been training as an official with Rainy City for 16 months. I’d like to share some stories about what life is like training on the other side of the track boundaries.

Mon 7th Mar 2016

How to rebrand a roller derby league

Rebranding can be a daunting undertaking for a league. It’s often put off over and over again simply because it’s difficult to know where to start. Over the past six months we took on the challenge and we documented every step along the way. Here’s our ultimate guide!

Thu 3rd Mar 2016

Our playlist for Saturday’s roller derby double-header

This month’s guest record spinner at the Thunderdome is Kate Push.