The only WFTDA rankings planner you’ll ever need

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WFTDA rankings can be a complex beast to get your head around, and it can be difficult to organise your season and know that the games you’re playing give you the best chance to rise up the ranks and meet your season goals. So we’ve made a little program to solve your woes. Say goodbye to all your dirty spreadsheets and notepaper scribbles and say hello to Derby on Toast.

Derby On Toast (check it out now!) has been designed and developed by Rainy City putting into practice our methods for game, tournament and season planning into a nice, user friendly, easily accessible site where you can easily predict your rankings and work out game aims without any fuss. Let’s take a look over the top 6 features this little tool has!


1. Predict your future rankings

Add in games and see what your future rank would be. Play around with the scores and see how it affects your future rankings.



2. Plan in all your future games

Add in all your upcoming games and see what rank you’ll end up with after your predicted results.

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3. Get hot game facts against your future opponents

Slap in a new opponent and Derby on Toast will automatically tell you what score you need to maintain your rankings, and what scores they’d need to maintain theirs.



4. Travel through time

Use the time travel feature to skip backwards and forwards through time to see how rankings decay will affect you, and where you’ll be throughout the year ahead.

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5. Check your estimates and rankings on the go

We’re fully mobile optimised so you can check in the dressing room at half time during a tournament, or even when you’re in the bath.


6. New features added regularly

We’re running a 2 month trial of this system where users can play and suggest lots of new features. After that we’ll introduce an honesty payment system for membership, with all money going to Rainy City Roller Derby. We’d like to add new desired features every month so feel free to suggest what would be useful for you in the comments and we’ll look to add it to the next roll out.

Sign up now 🙂

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