Diary of a New Skater | Pre-Cherry Popper

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Here’s Glen Coco’s latest instalment in our ‘Diary of a RCRG New Skater’ series. This episode: Cherry Popper excitement.

This Saturday we’ve got the Cherry Popper and the Tender Hooligans vs. Furness Firecrackers game. (Get tickets here).

I’m playing in the Cherry Popper and I do not know how to feel! I’m excited and scared, I want to win but I just want to play for fun, I want everyone I know to come and watch but I also want to be a lone wolf.

There are 3 new Rainies playing in the Cherry Popper; me, Valkyrie and Thunderlina. Me and Valkyrie have been put in the same team, and no doubt Thunderlina will use her knowledge of how we play to her advantage. We’ve only got a few more training sessions to get a tiny bit more practise in, I’ll be concentrating on track awareness (at training last week at least 3 people were shouting “Coco! Coco! Coco!” because the jammer was approaching and I was blissfully unaware), speed (I have got no sense of urgency at any time) and footwork.

I’ve been given the duty of vice-captain, which should be alright, and I’ve said that I’ll block and jam. Super nervous about jamming, no doubt I will feel like fainting with nerves when I put the jammer panty on, but I will be so excited if I score points (especially if I score 4, I’m going to request that the announcer says “Four for you Glen Coco”).

Despite all my nerves and things to prepare for, and the fact that I’ll get no sleep on Friday night and will be living off energy drinks on Saturday, I’m excited for the little things. Like seeing myself in the programme for the first time, getting my name called out at the beginning and being part of a team. Oh and giving out autographs to all my die-hard blog fans at the end.

At scrim on Sunday night I jammed a few times to practise and played on a team with some of the Travel Team as we mixed the teams up. Seeing as I passed my minimum skills only 3 weeks ago, I was a bit out of my depth and just managed to bridge a few times, but it’s always fun. I even managed to hit Fish out, but she’s too fast and got straight back on track (this started my motivation for trying to speed myself up).

Last night I had a dream about the game, I turned up really late and when I went to put my skates on the wheels were all bent so I couldn’t wear them. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen on Saturday!

P.s. I still need to take my photo for the programme, where can I find candy canes at this time of year?

No exciting photos this time, here’s some random ones.