Diary of a New Skater – Minimum skills kills

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Here’s Glen Coco’s latest instalment in our ‘Diary of a RCRG New Skater’ series. Read on to find out how she got on this week!

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness of this blog, and because you all waited so patiently, it’s going to be extra good.

Monday night was pretty much a blur. We were trained by Mama Firefly & Cleo Fracture #30 and we concentrated a lot on blocking. Mama very kindly hit me and took me out, thank you! We did our laps and I got 28 1/2. Can’t remember anything else (this is why I should write my blog the day after).

This Saturday I had my WFTDA minimum skills assessment! I turned up to The Thunderdome tired and hungry and a bit nervous for doing the test. I was scared of not passing, because I would have to wait to do it again, and I was scared in case I did pass because then I would have to scrimmage, which sounded super super scary (and worse than doing laps when hungover). We went through the entire test and it was extra tiring, I really struggled to do my laps and nearly cried half way through when I thought I wasn’t going to do it. But alas, I got the 27 and we carried on. Blocking, whips, transitions, laterals, skating on one foot for a whole lap (pretty difficult), plough stops, T-stops, fast laps, stepping and literally everything you could ever dream of, all crammed into 2 hours of intense and nerve wrecking anticipation.

After we had done all the physical skills we moved onto the test part. A really exciting test about roller derby rules, but it had to be done. 50 questions later I had finished and I waited to receive my results, a bit like when you drop your phone and it lands face down and you have that moment of “oh no, has it smashed?”.

me and ruthy
Glen Coco and Thunderlina! Passed.

I passed! 50/50 on the rules test as well to please all you zebras.

Now I am currently laid in bed recovering from my first scrim on Sunday night. I have got a bruise forming on the top of my left leg and my right leg isn’t co-operating with the rest of my body. But it was so good! I had the intention of only skating 5 jams, but I did more than that. I even got to be jammer and scored some points (unluckily not 4, so everyone couldn’t shout “4 for you Glen Coco!”). And I would like to take this opportunity to say to any Team England scouts that might be reading, I got lead jammer against Missy Rascal. Just saying.

I have been training with the Bet Lynch Mob now for a while, and since I won’t be going to New Skater Nights any more I might change the name of the blog to ‘Diary of a new(ish) skater’.

Fancy giving roller derby a go yourself? Our New Skater nights are held every Monday at The Thunderdome, 7:30-9:30pm. Click here for more details.