Diary of a New Skater | Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

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Every week one of our New Skaters, Glen Coco, updates us on her progress through our New Skater programme. Here’s what she got up to this week!

This week we had a Travel Team spectacular, being trained by Fay Roberts, Vivien Leigh-thal and Oona Bomber. The Advanced and Intermediate group (which gets bigger every week) took Fay and Viv and the Beginner group took Oona.

Skating selfie!
Skating selfie!

We had a nice warm up led by Team England’s very own Fay Roberts (I think we all felt a bit starstruck) and we got into our groups and began training. Before training had started Viv asked me what we wanted to do, and of course I said blocking, so we started with blocking. We did drills all night that we had never done before. It was hard to get a grip of them at first, but it felt so good when we finally did it after about 100 tries (we are definitely all Team England potential).

We then got into a giant pack (about 20 of us) and played a game I have named ‘Hustle, Hustle, Hustle’. The aim of the game was pretty simple and we’ve done it before, do a single knee tap, get through the pack and plough stop at the front, but this week we incorporated saying “Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle’ when we were getting through the pack.

After hustling, we practiced our laterals again by doing a drill called ‘Jaws of Death’ (I think this is my favourite drill ever). You have to get in pairs in a pace line and lateral to the outside of the track and back in really fast whenever Viv said ‘Beep’ (we had no whistle), then one person would have to get in between everyone all the way to the front. It was such fun!

We once again waited to do our laps at 9:15. I got on track and did 27 1/2 again, yey!

Minimum skills test is looming around the corner. Next week you’ll know if I have passed or not.

Note to self (again): Seriously, stop eating McDonalds.