16th June: Rainy City Roller Girls vs Tiger Bay Brawlers

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Saturday saw Cardiff team Tiger Bay Brawlers take on home team Rainy City Roller Girls in  a hard fought roller derby match at Oldham’s Thunderdome

The King Street venue was bursting at the seams, and as has become tradition, a cheering war between the fans quickly broke out.
Tiger Bay earned themselves an early lead and the away fans raised the roof in appreciation, but it wasn’t to last- within a few jam Rainy City had snatched it back. With the fans behind them, the teams went to war. Rainy City pressed the home team advantage as Tiger Bay lost players to the sin bin. The first half ended wth Rainy city leading 128 to Tiger Bay’s 63


The second half rolled out with typical flair, Tiger Bay looking to wrestle the lead from the Oldham based team. If anything the second half was louder than the first, as tired skaters meant big crowd-pleasing takeouts. A duel developed at one point between Rainy City’s Dee-mise and Tiger Bay’s Kid Block, both fighting to be the Queen of the track, a battle which although inconclusive, was great to watch. Despite a few promising assaults on their position, Rainy City kept the lead and in the end it was a victory for the Oldham team, Rainy City 243 – 157 Tiger Bay.