Bout Review: RCRG Intraleague 26th May

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Saturday 26th of May saw one of the most fiercely contested bouts ever to hit the Thunderdome as the Rainy City Roller Girls split into two teams and took on… Each other. Team White squared up against Team Purple in a bout that promised a lot and certainly delivered to an excitable crowd of around 200.

The bout started off fairly evenly matched, just a small number of points dividing the teams in a low-scoring first half. Big take-outs were the theme of the day as rookie jammers faced off against veteran blockers, notably, Rogue Doll and Morgue-Anna, both returning from extended breaks, pleased the crowd with some big hits. Belle-istic having just gotten off a long haul flight after a sabbatical in Australia, showed immense skill and agility as she controlled play for Team Purple. But in the end it was first-time jammers Faye-tal and Blissful Destruction that stole the show, using their impressive footwork to juke around those blockers and bring the points home.
During the second half, the pressure started to take its toll on Team White, whilst Team Purple maintained control of the game, and stepped it up a notch, turning a small points gap into a canyon. Fighting valiantly to the end, Team White were eventually outplayed by Team Purple, the final score finished at 165-110.

Avid fans may have noticed a few of the regular Rainy City skaters missing from the line-ups, as this bout was focused on giving bout-experience for the Rainy City Roller Girls B-team, the Tender Hooligans, who will travel to Dublin to face the Dublin Roller Girls next Saturday. Rainy City Roller Girls A team play Tiger Bay Brawlers at The Thunderdome, Oldham, on the 16th of June.