Bout Review: RCRG vs Birmingham Blitz Dames

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Two teams entered, one team left! Saturday April 14th saw Oldham’s own Rainy City Roller Girls play host to Birmingham Blitz Dames in a roller derby extravaganza at the Thunderdome.

The heat was on, as the last time these two teams were in the same venue was back in 2009 at the Roll Britannia European Championships, which saw them placed  10th and 3rd respectively, but the teams never actually met during this competition.

A crowd of approximately 250 made the atmosphere in the Thunderdome electric as Birmingham fans cheerfully attempted to out sing the Rainy fans, despite being outnumbered. Adding to the anticipation of this bout was the presence of 3 team England players, Missy Rascal and Dee-Mise from Rainy City and Violet Attack from Blitz Dames. How would the international team mates fair when placed on opposite teams?

As the bout got underway, strong pack play from Rainy City made life miserable for the Blitz Dames jammers, giving the Oldham team a strong early lead. Blitz Dames continued to struggle to put points on the board meaning Rainy City’s strong lead soon become a significant point gap. As the first half came to a close, Rainy City led by 103 to 13 for Birmingham.

Birmingham rallied during half-time and came out swinging, after all in Roller Derby a 90 point gap does not necessarily mean defeat. Only the strongest team spirit would remain undaunted and it seemed Blitz Dames had spirit in spades.

The second half was very different in character from the first, as Rainy City’s pack play came under an aggressive counter attack from Blitz Dames. The penalty boxes quickly filled with as the teams battled for control of the track. Pure determination for Blitz Dames in the face of very unfavourable odds won them several power jams and their points crept up. But in the end, it wasn’t enough for the away team and Rainy City continued to dominate.

The final score stood at Rainy City 216-51 Blitz Dames.

A great display of Blitz spirit from the Dames but the Rainy City Roller Girls triumphed, to the sound of their Oldham fan base happily cheering away.

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Rainy City Roller Girls and Birmingham Blitz Dames - Photo by Bethany Clarke