The Teams

Rainy City is made up of three skating teams and our wonderful crew of skating and non-skating officials.

Rainy City All Stars

Our all star team represents the very best Rainy City has to offer. They’re in the top 10 in Europe and compete against some of the greatest roller derby teams in the world.

Tender Hooligans

Tender Hooligans is Rainy City’s second team, a place for our rising stars to shine, playing competitive games with a focus on growth and improvement.


Bet Lynch Mob

Bet Lynch Mob is Rainy City’s third team, and is an amazing place for new skaters learning skills and enjoying games against other leagues around the UK.

Referees and officials

Our referees and non skating officials are an essential part of the action for all our games, keeping our skaters in check, score and time keeping, and keeping everything safe and according to plan.