If you want to help make our events awesome, help organise games and fundraisers or contribute with design and promotional ideas, become a part of our league as a volunteer.

Game Day Crew

Help make our games an amazing experience for everyone by running our merch store, serving at the bar, being a fan liason or making banners.

Graphic Design

We’re always looking for talented visual artists to help with the website, promotional fliers, social adverts and marketing campaigns.

Game Day Medics

No game can every be ran without our awesome game day medics. If you’d like to be a part of the running of our home games and keep everyone safe, please get in touch!

PR Team

Help spread the message of roller derby to the Greater Manchester area and beyond! If you have great PR skills and a brain full of promotional ideas, we need you!

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This is your chance to become part of one of the most exciting new sports in the world. What are you waiting for?

So... what is roller derby?

Two teams line up 5 players at the starting line

Each roller derby game is made up of a series of 2 minute jams. At the beginning of each jam, both teams line up 5 players at the starting line. When the whistle goes, they skate around the track.

There are two types of player, blockers and jammers

Jammers have stars on their helmets and gain points for their team by passing opposition players on the track. Blockers try their hardest to stop them by hitting them with their shoulders, chest or hips, or by knocking the jammer out of the track.



The first jammer to get past every player becomes 'lead jammer'

The two teams' jammers race to get ahead of all the blockers first. The winner becomes "lead jammer" for the remaining time in the jam. You can always see who's become lead jammer, as the referee points directly at them.


Lead Jammer

The lead jammer can end the jam whenever they want

The jammers now skate around and try and get as many points for their team as they can. The lead jammer can end the jam whenever they want by tapping their hands on their hips. This ends the jam early and is often used to stop the other team from scoring points.

Lead Jammer

Pivots can take over as jammers when passed the helmet cover

You'll notice one blocker for each team has a striped helmet cover. These players are called pivots and can take over from the jammer if they’re tired or in trouble. Keep an eye out for helmet covers being passed on the track midway through a jam!


Watch out for those penalties

Players will be sent to the penalty bin to sit for 30 seconds if they block with their arms or legs, or if they hit against the back. They’ll also get sent to the bin if they skate outside of the track as they pass opposition players.

Jam and repeat, and repeat

At the end of a jam, the game resets, another 5 skaters from each team line up and we go again! The team with the most points after two halves of 30 minutes, wins.